Can the Novi motion sensor be pet-immune?

Short Answer: Yes! You can adjust the sensitivity of the Sensor in the Relay Station Settings. Try adjusting these settings as well as the distance from the object for which you are detecting motion.

Long Answer: The Sensor utilizes a PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detector. When bodies move across the line of sight of the PIR Sensor, they emit Passive Infrared Radiation. The larger the body, the more radiation emitted. The Sensitivity Setting ranges from 1 (Least Sensitive) to 9 (Most Sensitive). These control a threshold of radiation detected, and when a body passes that threshold, it initiates a trip event and the Sensor will take pictures and sends a notification to the mobile app. When objects are closer to the Sensor, they appear larger. So try utilizing both Sensitivity and Distance from your pets or line of expected motion to achieve the setup that is best for you!

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