What happens when the system detects motion or smoke?

When your system detects motion or smoke, your phone will receive a push notification. When you then open the app or click on the push notification, you will see a screen like this:

From here you have 4 options:

  • Call Police – when you tap this button, you will be able to call the police if there is an emergency. For customers in the US and Canada that have a “Location” setup in the mobile app, this button will map to an emergency number that is local to your Relay Station if there are any numbers available.
  • Turn Siren On – You can turn the siren on or off by demand from this screen.
  • Take New Picture – Self explanatory :)
  • Dismiss – This will clear the “Trip Event” screen shown here and take you to the main Novi App. Dismissing keeps the system armed.
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