Firmware Upgrade Unsuccessful

Did you receive an error message that the upgrade failed?

  1. If you received this message, first check to see if your Relay Station is online and if you can take pictures from the mobile app. If your system is online, and your Sensors are online, please initiate the upgrade again.
  2. After this message, if your Relay Station is online, but your Sensor is offline, try rebooting the Sensor by removing a battery from it for 20 seconds and then replace the battery. Check to see if the Sensor comes back online, and if it has above a 5% battery life. If so, initiate the upgrade again.
  3. If the Sensor does not come back online, put new batteries in the Sensor, make sure it is online, and then initiate the upgrade again.
  4. If you received this message, but your Relay Station is still offline, it is possible that the firmware upgrade is still going on. Wait 15 minutes for the Relay Station to upgrade, and 30 minutes per Sensor. After that time, if the system is still offline, please contact
  5. If you have attempted the upgrade twice and have received this message both times, please contact
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