Relay Station Settings

Navigate to the Relay Station settings by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the big Arm/Disarm button screen
  2. Tap the gear icon on the top right of the screen

Now you should see:


From this screen, you can control the following:

  1. Relay Station Name
  2. You can turn smoke detection on or off for all of your Sensors. Turning off the smoke detection will increase the battery life of your Sensors.
  3. You can turn on or off the Siren Default mode. When enabled, if a Sensor detects motion or smoke, the siren will sound automatically for 30 seconds. When disabled, no siren will sound, but you can turn the siren on/off from the app during the trip event.
  4. Update your location for your Relay Station. When you set the location for your Relay Station, that is the location used to generate your emergency numbers.
  5. Update Sensor Sensitivity. There are 9 discreet sensor sensitivities. 9 is most sensitive and 1 is least sensitive. By default, the Sensors start at a sensitivity of 6. You may want to play around with your sensitivity until achieving your desired result. Please note: A sensitivity of 9 is likely to cause false positive alarms.

After updating any setting, you will need to hit the "Update Settings" button to save your new preferences.

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