Sensor not detecting motion

  1. Ensure your Sensor is powered on and connected to your Relay Station. Try taking a picture on demand to see if a picture gets through. If not, see the section here.
  2. Ensure the Sensor is “armed”. It won’t detect motion unless it is armed. Try arming it, and see if it will detect motion when you are very close to the sensor. Once that works, try moving further and further away to test the limits of the motion detector in your environment.
  3. Open the Novi App, navigate to the Relay Station Settings, and increase the Motion Sensitivity.
    1. Check to see if the Sensor is detecting motion now.
    2. Keep in mind that a higher motion sensitivity means that the Sensor will detect motion easier! At maximum sensitivity, your Sensor is likely to detect false positive motion events.
  4. Try re-positioning the Sensor. Be mindful of the place you choose on the ceiling. The optimal path for the motion detector is walking in a direction that is perpendicular to the line of the sight coming from the motion detector. Keep that in mind while placing it on the ceiling. Also, the usable distance of the motion detector is up to 20 feet. The further away you get from the detector, the larger the detection zones are, and the more distance you need to cover before it detects an event. Check to see if the Sensor is detecting your motion now.
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