Account Settings

Under the "Account" Section, you should see the following:

Here is a description of each of these options:

  • App Security - You can add a security pin that you must enter before opening the Novi App. You can also add a TouchID for iPhones.
  • Change Password - self explanatory :)
  • Emergency Contacts - You can create and assign Emergency Contacts. These contacts will be notified via text message according to the timing interval that you select underneath "Relay Station Settings"
  • Locations - You can create and assign Locations to your Relay Station. Multiple Relay Stations can be assigned to one location. The location setting is used to generate the emergency numbers that your mobile app will attempt to access that are local to your Relay Station.
  • Firmware - You can check for firmware upgrades and initiate them here.
  • Getting started - you can review a tutorial that walks you through the mobile app.

In addition the above settings, you can also log out of the mobile app, view the email associated with your account, view the Version number of the mobile app, and click a link to the Novi support page!

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