How to Unregister a Relay Station from your Account

To unregister the Relay Station from the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to the Relay Station Settings screen - link
  2. Tap the "Unregister Relay Station" button.
  3. You will be asked if you want to save the images associated with that Relay Station to your account. You will also be asked to confirm if you really do want to remove the Relay Station.

To unregister the Relay Station with the hardware:

  1. Locate the blue button located on the side of the Relay Station near the USB port.
  2. Use a stylus or pen to hold down the blue button.
  3. Keep holding down the blue button for at least 35 seconds. Once the time has passed, release the blue button and you should see a red LED lit up on the top of the Relay Station constantly. This indicates that the Relay Station is now unregistered. Please note that if you let up on the blue button during the 35 second interval, you will need to start the time over agai
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